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Glen Moray 1998 Barolo Finish - "Warehouse 1"

52.9% - UK Exclusive

It was Craig at Tyndrum Whisky who told me about this and thought I might like it. So after parting with my money, I made it clear that this was all on him, and there was no pressure.

This Glen Moray release is a mix of 3 ex-Bourbon casks filled in 1998, that were then transferred to 3 ex-Barolo casks for finishing. The description on the packaging promises notes of chocolate, toffee, and figs. Well, words on packaging can promise all sorts of things to lure you in, can't they...

After having this bottle open for around a month, I can confirm the result of the finishing in these ex-Barolo casks is nothing short of beautiful (spoiler alert)

Appearance: Medium-dark amber. Thin & slow waxen legs.

Nose: Barley sugar sweets, drying raisins, slightly wet grass, fudge, blackcurrant jelly, dry Oloroso sherry.

Palate: Slightly soured sweetness that brings with it a very gentle peppered heat. Then honey (actually, the honey influence is remarkable), sourness, toffee apple. Longer in the mouth and the layers of flavour really start to ramp up – rind from thick-cut marmalade, huge toffee, and a plume of butterscotch Angel Delight.

Finish: Long & oily with fading notes of honey, toffee, and fruitiness. A final wave of vanilla custard hangs around for a while before leaving the palate oily & sweet.

Water adds…. Less of an alcohol crackle, and heaps more sweet toffee, and oil. In fact, a drop of water in a glass of this whisky is perfect.

Conclusion: I think this is impeccable. It's also complicated (in all the right ways), and very refined. It’s not the usual Glen Moray’s that I am accustomed to, making this a whisky that deserves plenty of time to explore and enjoy. The honey notes are going to put a smile on your face (well, it did mine) - so thank you Craig, you hit the bullseye with this one for me. Money very well spent, indeed.

Available at Tyndrum Whisky for £138 (at the time of writing)

If you can justify the cost, this is one I would definitely consider as a Xmas present to yourself.



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