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Completely self-taught, my initial whisky curiosity has grown into a genuine passion. There’s nothing I love better than to share my passion and knowledge about whisky with anyone who is interested or willing to listen!  Approachable, light-hearted and generous of spirit, I open up the wonders of the whisky world, while never allowing it to get too serious. Whisky is to be enjoyed after all. 


I’ve written many detailed tasting notes & reviews that are informative & insightful, but always with light-hearted attitude. My writing has been used as official tasting notes by distilleries as well as retailers. I host whisky tasting classes and private virtual tasting sessions and also collaborate with bars and pubs where I can advise on tailored whisky portfolios. Studying portrait photography at Central St Martins in London some years ago, I also know my way around a camera. Some of my photography has been used by a number of distillery websites and venues around the world, and you’ll see some of it throughout this website.


I’ve also been fortunate enough to do a cask collaboration with a major distillery in 2020, that sold out within less than an hour, and boy it really was a Belter!  I’m currently working with another famous distillery on an exclusive release for early 2021.


Having gained a reputation within the industry as a ‘consumer expert’ with a deep knowledge of the product and the industry, I ‘get’ what the average consumer wants.....because I’m also one myself. Over time, I gained a natural aptitude for identifying top-notch whiskies - apparently, I have one of those ‘special’ noses! 


Uigeadail or “Oogie” to his friends (named after a whisky from a well-known Islay distillery), is our Chief Nosing Officer. He is integral to our official Copperedwrench 5-point tasting scale (the Oogie-scale) 


A constant companion, Oogie is always ready to sniff out the latest whisky to help Sean get those tasting notes spot on.


Passions: people, teamwork, perfecting his whisky nose, hide and seek, lounging in front of a roaring fire, pub time with his friends, and tickles behind the ear.

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