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GlenDronach 1992 Cask #81 26yrs 50% Sherry Butt

Specially bottled for The Whisky Shop.

Yet another 1992 exclusive cask bottling appearing. It’s like Mr Vader has sent a battalion of Stormtroopers down from the Death Cask to attack the senses (and the wallet) This particular cask has been selected by The Whisky Shop. And I have to say that along with the 1993 bottling they released recently, their prices are actually below the norm. At first glance, it’s quite a light(ish) in colour. But we all know that colour is not an indication of taste and quality. Don’t we?

Appearance: Medium-dark gingerbread. Thin & slow oily legs travel down the inside of the glass.

Nose: An instant and lovely aroma of old sherry casks, acetone (pear drops), polish, black cherry ice cream, cake spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), warm, drizzly toffee sauce, There’s also a faint cut-grass element. The nose is immersive and fun. The longer it sits in the glass, the more you get.

Palate: Very gentle on the palate. The 50% delivers a soft tingling of well-behaved alcohol. Sweet sherry is all over the mouth with a gentle oily-cling. A slight bitterness with a woody bite dries the top of the mouth and tip of the tongue. But those soft tannins then reign back the sweetness - like burnt sugar – and the palate is treated to a mouthful of boozy trifle and squashed raisins. Lots going on here. And…. not a sign of sulphur.

Finish: Long. Oily sherry-sweetness continues to coat the mouth and delivers a soft biting white pepper tingle. On exhale, there’s the gentlest hint of tobacco, and a surprising far-off wisp of pineapple. The sweet finish is extremely long and just stays on the palate.

Water adds.. I wouldn’t add water to this as the 50% delivers everything, and delivers it very nicely indeed. I found adding water actually ruined this whisky (for me) However, I picked up more fruit on the nose with an added pear, raisin, and milk chocolate element. On the palate there’s more woody spice and tobacco. The finish is just as long, but drier with more pepper.

Conclusion: It’s not the colour of dark prune juice, nor is the ABV in the mid-late fifties (although exactly 50% seems a little strange?) But the nose and taste of this whisky is delightful, and I really do like it. 1992 is a vintage that’s been overshadowed by the 1993’s, and I’ve been saying for a few years now that it is a year to concentrate on. And let’s be honest – there have been a few duds that have come out of the 1993 stable in my opinion.


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