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GlenDronach 1992 Cask #83 25yrs

49.8% Sherry Butt - specially bottled for The Whisky World

Another GlenDronach single cask that has been selected by the guys at The Whisky World. This one is the 4th edition in the series so far.

Appearance: Deep walnut. Thin oily legs..

Nose: Beautifully sherried on the nose with deep fruit, and a mellow-polish edge. Vanilla pods, fruit compote, blackberries, toffee, milk chocolate, and dessert-sweetness.

Palate: Much drier than expected with lots of woody tannins. The sweetness that I was hoping for appears to hold itself back and can’t compete with the dry woody-bite. There is, however, a lovely ashen note with some gritty flint. A second and third sip does reveal a little more sweetness, but it’s fighting a losing battle with the bitter tannins. Dark chocolate, coco powder, and black coffee appear.

Finish: Long, with a dry-bitter sweetness akin to a very high coco-content dark chocolate.

Water adds... Even more dryness on the palate with a slight white pepper-tingle on the tongue.

Conclusion: I personally think this was left in the cask for too long as it does taste a bit too over-oaked for my liking. However, that’s just my palate speaking.

Available at for £259.90 (at the time of writing)


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