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GlenDronach 2007 & 1992 – for Professional Danish Retailers

A Danish-Duo of 2 new bottles has just been released for Professional Danish Retailers. Appearing in time for Xmas, these Danish releases have gained quite the following over the past few years. They even inherited an unofficial and playful Star Wars theme on their names due to the colours of the bottles and tubes, but for legal and “We could sue you to the ground if you aren’t careful” reasons, it was advised that these innocent Star Wars connections were dropped. Shame.

This year, it’s a big and little brother appearance. Namely an 11 year old and a 25 year old. The former has been matured in PX casks, while the latter has been matured in Oloroso casks. Both bottles are a vatting, and have been reduced in strength to 46% & 48% respectively, and are non-chill filtered and of natural colour.

The first in this twin-review is the younger 11 year-old.

2007 11yr Pedro Ximenez 46%

Appearance: Golden polished pine, fast oily legs.

Nose: Digestive biscuits and malt. There is a sherry aroma but it’s not in your face. Gentle toffee and raisins are there, and are then followed by a wet grassy note with some earth. It does smells young and spirity and has a distinctive “new GlenDronach era” aroma.

Palate: And this is where the impression on the nose doesn't seem to follow into the taste... Creamy sweetness – fireside buttery toffee with a sprinkle of warming pepper. Sherry now appears and is backed up by some dark brown sugar. The decent 46% ABV gives the mouthfeel some chew and a bit more body.

Finish: Medium. The linger is a nice thick sweetness – such as dark brown sugar (and not a manufactured saccharine sweetness) It’s also pleasantly mouth-coating and oily.

Conclusion: First impressions on the nose were that this would be unremarkable and very average. But sat in the glass for a few minutes, and then the actual experience in the mouth was very good. In fact, this is a very good whisky and I would mark this above the 12yr Original in the core range.

1992 25yr Oloroso 48%

Appearance: Medium Chestnut, slow oily legs.

Nose: Polish and sherry. And then sherry sherry sherry. Cherries are there in abundance, as is boozy trifle, prunes, cake spice and warm raisins.

Palate: Thick & rich sherried sweetness. A gentle woodiness is there but is then pushed off the stage by fruitcake! Dark stewed fruit, nuts, and muscovado sugar come at you on a wave of warming spice. A chocolaty nutty creaminess is there now, that then gives in to a slight burnt sugar bitter sweetness. The personality of the spirit is not lost with the beautiful layering of cherries and chocolate, and offers a beautiful delivery.

Finish: Long and warm. Dark sugar and gentle cake spice that just scream alcohol-laced Xmas pudding and winter.

Conclusion: This whisky is fantastic. But oh my God – the price. It's expensive. If this quality could go into a core range bottle for around £150, it would be a remarkable seller. I would by cases of it. But for around £240 a bottle, this is very pricey. However, what a damn fine whisky it is.


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