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Kavalan Brandy Cask - Distillery Exclusive

58.6% ABV Cask# A090620012

An expression that seems to be quite hard to find in the UK, and is becoming a must-have expression. Coming from a Brandy cask, I would expect this whisky to have trace elements of Brandy on the nose and tongue. So it was very interesting to pop the cork and dive in (not literally)

Appearance: Golden Oak, long & fast oily legs

Nose: Cherries & raisins, sticky toffee pudding, rum & raisin ice cream, freshly varnished wood, spiced-laced fruit cake, dry wine, brandy snaps, damp sawdust. There’s a never ending array of scents in this. As one element tapers off, another jumps into your nose.

Palate: Immediate sweetness followed by a rich and oily bitter toffee coating. There cherries detected on the nose are there now, and there is a ‘fudgy’ creaminess with a faint fruity tone. The tongue is gently tattooed with gentle chilli heat, but it’s pleasant and not harsh.

Finish: Long, sweet, and oily. The sweet/dryness that’s left on the tongue and the roof of the mouth is very agreeable, and makes you appreciate the cornucopia of flavours and scents before you reach for another sip.

Water adds… Tropical fruit on the nose, more cream & pepper on the palate, and a drier finish.

Conclusion: Another example of incredible cask selection, meticulous attention to detail, and the balance, science and magic of what has been created by Ian Chang and the late Dr Jim Swan.

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