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Kavalan Rum Cask - Distillery Reserve

57.8% Cask# M111104062A

This latest release from Kavalan was unveiled in late 2016,

and synchronised nicely with the opening of the company's expansion of a 2nd warehouse.

Appearance: Golden straw, with flecks of copper. Lots of thin unhurried oily legs.

Nose: Fruit jam on fresh bread, almond purée, green bananas, and apple juice. It's all bound together in the background by an aromatic Rum. There's a lot going on here and deserves time to get your nose in properly.

Palate: Beautifully honey-sweet. You are instantly tempted to keep your mouth closed, not to swallow, and hold the liquid on your tongue for a long time. At 57.8% it should be quite feisty and hot, but it doesn't burn in the slightest, and the heat is very gentle and enveloping. Sweetness floods the mouth and tastebuds, covering them with toffee, chopped nuts, moist ripe mango and a gentle aromatic rum-soaked cake.

Finish: Long and tapering leaving an oily mouth-coat with tropical fruit drizzled in toffee sauce. A gentle pepper-tingle tickles the tongue and roof of the mouth, and then moves over leaving an easy singed-sugar bitterness.

Conclusion: It's an exciting and interesting shift away from the norm, leaving the Solists in their own well established camp. This one will appeal not just to existing Solist fans, but also fans of Podium and Classic. There's a recognisable nod to the fruity and tropical Kavalan DNA. I also like the smaller, but very decadent bottle (30cl)

Unfortunately, it won't last very long as it's very, very enjoyable.


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