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Kavalan Sherry Cask - 59.4% - Oloroso

Kavalan Sherry Cask - 59.4% - Oloroso Cask number S081223027

Specially selected & bottled for The Whisky World

Review by Sean Russell, October 2019

Anyone who is a fan of big & bold sherrybombs may have come across Kavalan, and in particular their sherried single cask releases. They are generally unforgettable and a gateway into both the distillery and sherrybombs. This particular sherried single cask bottle of Kavalan has been specially selected and bottled for the team at The Whisky World. And whilst Kavalan’s sherried single cask whiskies are very good, this one is an absolute cracker of a selection.

Appearance: Dark polished Cherry wood. Long & very oily legs cling to the glass.

Nose: Huge and aromatic. Bags of rum-soaked raisins, rich toffee, squidgy dried dates, and maple syrup flood the senses and fill the nose. Held to the nose a little longer and flambéed plums and maple syrup appear. And then there is that signature Kavalan-dusty element. This is just fabulous. No alcohol-burn on the nose at this hefty 59.4%, and you would be forgiven for just nosing it for ages before taking a sip (I did)

Palate: Sweet & rich with deep a fruitiness and black pepper crackle on the tongue. Lashings of dried & plump sweet dates, caramel sauce, sherry, fruitcake spice, cinnamon, and again, that unmistakable Kavalan dusty-warehouse note that brings on a dry element after the initial sweet-sherry bombardment.

Finish: Long, rich, and sweet with a gentle peppery warmth. The sweetness tapers off to a pleasant dryness that then finally finishes on burnt sugar. The mouth is completely coated with the flavour.

Water adds... Caramelised fruit on the nose, more sweetness and reduced pepper on the palate, and more caramel & cake spice on the finish.

Conclusion: Absolutely explosive. This particular cask is a classic big sherried-Kavalan. It gives you a huge sherry-slap around the face and invites you to experiment with it. In this case, some air, 2 or 3 drops of water and a gentle swirl. It just works brilliantly. Let it breathe in the glass for a short while longer and allow the deepness, aromas and flavour to mingle and reward you.

The inspired gold strings on the pull-out part of the box is a gentle nod to the orchestral-inspired name of the “Solist” range of official distillery single cask bottles. Beautiful. Available exclusively at for £129.90


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