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Lindores Abbey - The Casks of Lindores

Limited edition release. Oloroso Sherry butts. 49.4%

Appearance: Super-dark maple syrup. Speedy, thin oily legs.

Nose: Chocolate and raisins are the first scents to appear, followed by a second wave of milk chocolate. Stewed fruit, some gentle cooking spices, vanilla pod, blackcurrant jam, and then an absolutely lovely nutty note like Nutella chocolate spread. What a nose indeed.

Palate: As the nose suggested, there's a lovely chocolatey sweetness with a deep plop of dark fruit. The sweetness continues with some sugar-coated nuts, stewed figs, sweet milky coffee, and hazelnuts (like the Nutella note). The higher ABV allows a nice peppery tingle and some gentle woody-dryness to follow though. The final taste is one of sweetness and nutty chocolate.

Finish: Medium. I was expecting it to be much longer, but to be honest, it really doesn't matter with this one as it's do damn flavoursome. Sweet and creamy with heaps of chocolate linger until the finish.

Conclusion: This is so easy to drink, and is pretty much a delight from start to finish. Easy to fill the glass, drink & enjoy, repeat.

What's more shocking is this is only 3 years old - quite unbelievable that something so young can deliver this kind of flavour. Definitely one to stock up on, and what a perfect dram to have over the Xmas period.

Available for around £55 (at the time of writing)

More information on the Lindores Abbey Distillery can be found here


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