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Milk & Honey - Classic


You cannot (and should not), dive into the whisky world of Milk & Honey without trying their flagship model, the "Classic".

The Classic is made up of a combination of high-quality ex-bourbon casks and red-wine STR casks, so it's a bit of a winning combination and a beautiful Tel-Aviv nod to the late Dr Jim Swan.

I first tried a number of Milk & Honey whiskies back in 2016 (I think), at the London Whisky Show. And in the short space of 6 years since then, the distillery, led by Tomer Goren, has blossomed and grown into what it is now. And they're producing some stunning liquid under the Israeli sun.

Appearance: Golden amber with speedy thin and waxen legs

Nose: Initially lots of fruit like banana and papaya, which then turns into a vanilla note. There's a soft woodiness with some crushed peppercorns. Left in the glass for a while longer and the vanilla takes a more dominant position.

Palate: Fruity with a medium -sweetness. A pleasant soft-pepper tingle mixes with vanilla custard and tart red berries (like red currants). This is reminding me a bit of the Kavalan Classic.

Finish: Medium with a lovely fruity pepper-tingle with some spice thrown in for good measure. The mouth is left with a nice light oily coating.

Conclusion: A really lovely sipping whisky for when you're in the mood for something lighter & fruitier. Definitely recommended.

Widely available for around £45 (at the time of writing)

Read more about the Milk & Honey Distillery here



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