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Milk & Honey - "Elements" Peated


Another release within Milk & Honey's "Elements" range, the Peated release presents a whisky that isn't made from peated spirit, but is an unpeated spirit that has been matured in casks that once contained peated whisky. They say that they've used Islay casks - as to what distillery they come from is anyone's guess (unless you're in the know and they've told you)

Appearance: Light & golden with thin & fast oily legs

Nose: Zingy and aromatic from the off (the distillery's own notes say "fresh" - which is spot-on) Peppery woodiness, vanilla, squashed raisins, baked apple with cinnamon, some caramel and a hint of coconut, and some perfume. No peat though!

Palate: Ah, there's the peat! I was starting to wonder if I'd had a mislabeled bottle. It's quite soft and timid but there's enough of it there to say "Shalom!"

There's also a lovely oakiness that comes through with a light warming pepper zing.

Finish: Long and rich. It's mouth-coating with some chewy oakiness. Gentle pepper heat from the decent 46% ABV (thank you, Tomer for not dropping the strength with these Elements releases)

Conclusion: This is really lovely and hugely drinkable. The peat is so gentle but everything is integrated really nicely.

Available for around £50-£55 (at the time of writing)

Read more about the Milk & Honey Distillery here

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