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Milk & Honey - "Elements" Sherry Cask


Part of Milk & Honey's "Elements" range, the Sherry cask is an open door to what the Israeli distillery can do with sherried whisky. Made up from selected Bourbon, Oloroso, and Pedro Ximenez cask-matured whiskies, the marrying of these three whiskies begins to lure the sherry-head in...

Appearance: Light amber with a tinge of red. Thin & fast oily legs

Nose: Spiced fruit with light sherry notes, some coco powder, faint coconut, and a whiff of ripe strawberries.

Palate: Medium sweetness with a gentle but very evident underlying note of sherry. There's also a lovely and unexpected hint of cherry (like cherry cola)

Finish: Medium-long with a sweet and tingling oak dryness.

Conclusion: Super-clean and very drinkable. I really like the base spirit that comes through in this. There are elements (pardon the pun), of youth but everything is so well integrated. Refreshingly zingy, fresh & fruity. And again, the ABV of 46% is really good, as it carries flavour and weight.

Widely available for around £50-£55 (at the time of writing)

Read more about the Milk & Honey Distillery here


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