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Mortlach 11yr 2010 - Signatory Vintage

Cask #16 57.8% "Cask Strength Collection"

Mortlach was the first “legal” distillery in Dufftown when it was created in 1823. A lot of people describe Morlach whiskies as “robust” “big” and “meaty” and their production still uses worm tubs (more about worm tubs here)

I’d had my eye on this particular Signatory bottle for a while and only recently caved in. You generally can't go wrong with anything Signatory push out. So is this one any good?

Appearance: Deep amber. Slow, oily legs.

Nose: Clouds of sweetness waft out of the glass with notes of rich sherry, baked apple with brown sugar & cinnamon, honey-glazed ham, more sherry, prune juice, wood chips, and everything autumnal.

Palate: Sweetness of brown sugar floods over the tongue, followed by a gooey pan au raisin pastry note. Honey – almost like honey drizzled on dried meat. It’s oily, viscous, and mouth-coating with a slight spiciness.

Finish: Long and sweet with a gentle tartness and the mildest of tannins. A slight pepper fizz appears before going back to that thick sweetness. All the while, it's completely mouth coating.

Conclusion: It just slips down the throat with an oily & unctuous tickle. A proper sipper.

Available for around £115 (at the time of writing) I purchased my bottle from The Whisky Barrel - here

More about Mortlach Distillery here



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