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Ruadh Maor 8yr - Waxhouse Whisky

Oloroso Cask / 51.3% / Waxhouse Edition no.1

The inaugural bottling of a brand new brand, The Waxhouse Whisky Company. But you probably already know that if you're in a rather fabulous Facebook group called "Whisky Adventures"

At first sight, you would be forgiven for thinking it's been drawn from a refill Bourbon cask, but it has actually come from an ex-Oloroso sherry cask. It's a bit confusing visually, but as someone said at some point on some date in some book, in some language - don't judge the book by its cover.

Appearance: Light straw. Lots of waxen oily legs.

Nose: Peat, smoked ham, and maltiness, all wrapped up in a sweet corn syrup coat.

Palate: Instant sweetness. It floods the mouth and is then followed by a wave of well-balanced peat. There’s a slight grassiness and a chili-tingle on the tongue and roof of the mouth. The second sip brings a deeper sweetness. The peat starts to take on more tobacco notes. It’s like licking a slab of molasses-covered smoked salmon.

Finish: Long, sweet, and smokey with a gentle pepper tingle.

Conclusion: Don’t judge the book by its cover is very apt. Or more like don’t judge the finish by the colour. This whisky is so pale, you’d think it came out of a milk churn rather than an ex-sherry cask. But it’s absolutely bursting with flavour, sweetness, well-balanced peat, and is incredibly drinkable. Full of character and very warming, it actually reminds me of a lovely SMWS Caol Ila I have.

It's also set at quite an attractive price-point (£65 at the time of writing this review). So very shrewd timing for the Xmas period.

Congratulations to Jamie, Paul & Dan at Waxhouse, and the rest of the St Albans Whisky Club crew on this first, great bottling.


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