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Arran 2013 7yr Cask 2013/3073

Updated: May 16, 2022

Oloroso Hogshead "Deployment 3" - SBWAS Exclusive


Where do I start with this? Well, first off it's my baby. I personally selected this cask to be bottled for my Sherry Bomb Whisky Appreciation Society, group on Facebook. I wanted to showcase an example of a younger whisky that can out-perform much older whiskies, and in true keeping with the ethos of CopperedWrench, turn perceptions. And I think this does exactly that.

This single Oloroso hogshead was filled at Arran on 12th December 2013, and bottled at cask strength on 16th August 2021. Only 317 bottles were produced and it displays a wonderful character of honeyed malt, stewed fruits, and a slightly woodier base of tobacco and nuts.

Appearance: Rich amber. Thick oily legs.

Nose: Honey-drizzled malted barley, brown sugar, and stewed fruit jump out of the glass. Thick & unctuous sherry appears with a far-off wisp of mint.

Palate: Sherried-sweetness merges with honied maltiness. Mouth-coating & warming stewed fruit appears with a little nutty-oakiness.

Finish: Long & sweet. Honeycomb coats the mouth that's accompanied by gentle notes of tobacco.

Conclusion: Beautifully refined and layered. I love it. But then I would as I picked it :-)

Available for £82.95 exclusively at Royal Mile Whiskies (at the time of writing)


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