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Old Perth - "Deployment 7"

"Sherry Trio" 52.3% ABV

- picked by Sean for the SBWAS


The seventh release for the SBWAS (SherryBomb Whisky Appreciation Society), this is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Discussions for this release have been ongoing for almost a year with the team at Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers (in case you didn’t know, MSWD are the parent company of the Old Perth brand).

But it’s been worth it and now the wait is finally over - we have our very own exclusive Old Perth release!


Always on the hunt to do something slightly different with each release for the group, this is a sherried malt blend that comes from a trio of sherry casks, namely Oloroso, Pedro Ximénez, and Palo Cortado. Each sherry-type imparts its own profile, resulting in a mixture of dry nuttiness, deeper sweet raisins, and buttery notes. After experimentation with the liquid we decided on a blend ratio of 40% Oloroso cask, 40% Pedro Ximénez cask and 20% Palo Cortado cask. This final ratio hit the spot and showcased a lovely myriad of flavours. The liquid in each of these casks is a blend of a few top notch distilleries. When the time was right, the contents were re-racked into a single Pedro Ximénez cask for final maturation for a number of months until it was time to bottle.

And what a result.


With just 540 bottles available, this is a very limited release. Oh, and it comes in a nice fancy-schmancy tote bag so you can make it feel snug and safe, or use it as a mitten.


Appearance: Rich amber. Thin & viscous oily legs.


Nose: Sherry-soaked baked apples, husky-maltiness, dark sugar, dark chocolate, crème caramel, over-ripe grapes and a whiff of banana skins. There’s also a pleasant minerally sourness to the aroma that integrates so well. Overall, it’s fruity & clean with no alcohol burn.


Palate: Immediate explosion of rich toffee-sweetness supported with some gentle crushed peppercorn warmth (undiluted). The sweetness of the sherry comes to the fore and develops into a thicker caramelised-nuttiness that spreads across the tongue and roof of the mouth. The maltiness picked up on the nose appears before the sweetness returns with bags of ripe fruit and custard. The 52.3% ABV is well masked behind the explosion of flavour.


Finish: Insanely long, sweet and mouth-coating. The strength warms the mouth nicely allowing the flavours to develop and wash over every part of the tongue. I even get a note of crème caramel sprinkled with cereal right at the end.


With water: This is where water is our friend. Softer, more aromatic and even more flavoursome. In fact, I’d recommend experimenting with a little to allow this liquid to blossom even more. It allows the whisky to totally open up and expose even more flavours.


Conclusion: Undeniably moreish. And the more you dive in, the wider the flavour spectrum gets. Yet again, Old Perth have showcased their blending prowess with how brilliant a blended malt whisky can be when all the stars are aligned.

Available from June 21st 2024 exclusively through Royal Mile Whiskies for £63.99 (at the time of writing)

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