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Arran Amarone Cask Finish - 50%

Vatting. Distillery bottling.

Amarone! Not a sherry, but an intense wine that is made with partially dried grapes in Valpolicella, Veneto, North-east Italy.

Amarone (to my limited knowledge), spends a minimum of 2 years in wood, though in some cases, can remain cocooned in a barrel for up to 9 or 10 years.

Appearance: Tinges of pink, almost like a medium Rosé wine. Long, thin & speedy legs.

Nose: Dry Rosé wine, honey roasted nuts, fruit – freshly sliced pear in particular.

Palate: Again, there’s a big influence from the finishing in the Amarone casks that awards the drinker with notes of lovely dry Rosé wine. The sweetness that appears then moves to a gentle white pepper-prickling and a gentle dryness like you get with cranberry juice. Another sip and there’s a more spiced fruit-hit with some fruity tannins - bitter black cherry skins?

Finish: Medium-long. Not overly complex but really, really pleasant. Sweetness clings to the mouth with gentle peppery warmth and coco-bitterness. Very easy to reach for the bottle to pour another dram.

Conclusion: I really like this. A brilliant session whisky with a lovely fruity twist. The wine influence from the Amarone cask finishing has worked a treat and offers a whisky that’s a step away from the norm. It's refreshing all-round.

Arran's Brand Ambassador, Mariella Romano is wholly to blame for me buying this bottle. And I am very glad that I did (she knows me so well)

Available for around £45 a bottle (at the time of writing) I think it’s very good value. Lovely packaging as well.


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