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Aultmore "Deployment 6"

Updated: Mar 3

2009 14yr "Deployment 6" 55.3%ABV - picked by Sean for the SBWAS

The sixth release by my good self for the SBWAS (SherryBomb Whisky Appreciation Society), this single cask Aultmore was chosen to showcase something from the Aultmore distillery and was drawn from a single hogshead cask that was crazily gluggable. It's a superb example that allowed me to highlight Aultmore’s aromatic and fragrant character with a beautiful clean Oloroso sherry influence.

Even though it's coming in at a natural strength of 55.3%, it's incredibly drinkable as-is and is most certainly the type of whisky where you are reaching for the bottle before you've finished the dram in your hand.

It's also the first bottle I've released with a bespoke label as well. And that lovely SBWAS emblazoned ribbon around the neck? Well, that was the result of me measuring cutting, gluing, and swearing quite a lot - all in the name of "ah, isn't it pretty"

As it says on the back label, here's a little bit more about the bottle:

"A beautifully sherried hoggie-matured Aultmore of the Foggie Moss.

Aultmore Distillery is located in Keith, Moray in the Speyside region of Scotland. Its name is derived from the phrase An t-Allt Mòr, Gaelic for big burn, and refers to the nearby Auchinderran Burn"

So there's your 101 on where Aultmore distillery is located. Now to the tasting notes...

Appearance: Deep golden amber

Nose: Stewed plums & raisins jump out of the glass, chased by cherry cake, leather car seats, and fruit & nut chocolate.

Palate: Deep sweetness with honey & cake spice. Gentle wax polish with some oakiness plays on the tongue. Everything’s wrapped-up in sherry-soaked raisins.

Finish: Long & lingering with notes of spiced caramel, sherry, and subtle oak.

Conclusion: Pour, sip, enjoy, repeat.

This was a fine collaboration with Abbey Whisky as the sole retailer for this bottle, and was around £95 (at the time of release)

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