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GlenAllachie 12yr & 15yr – Joint Review

Joint review of the September 2020 vattings of the GlenAllachie's core 12yr & 15yr

GlenAllachie 12yr / 46% / September 2020 vatting

Appearance: Deep chestnut

Nose: Sweet stewed rhubarb, big deep sherry, warm Highland Toffee, Digestive biscuits, vanilla. Loads of layers appearing the nose here. There’s a slight tingle from the alcohol, but it’s quite tame. Raisins and prunes appear to finish of the sweet & fruity welcome.

Palate: Sweet with a fabulous gentle gravelly pepper-warmth. Then the sherry comes and whacks you in the chops with a side helping of vanilla custard and fruitiness. You immediately know what you’re drinking now with that apparent trademark sherry/fruit/vanilla delivery. Raisins, malty husks and more digestive biscuits appear.

Finish: Medium-long, sweet, warm and spicy. The sherry and vanilla work brilliantly together.

Conclusion: For 12 years old, this is huge. It’s an absolutely fantastic marriage of casks that creates a brilliant balance of sweet sherry, vanilla, nuttiness, and chilli-infused chocolate. And being 46% ABV, it’s packing a flavoursome punch. Ridiculously drinkable.

At under £40 a bottle, all I can say is…

GlenAllachie 15yr / 46% / September 2020 vatting

Appearance: Deep chestnut

Nose: Huge wafts of soft and sticky sweet sherry, cake spice, and vanilla. Woody notes are there that are accompanied by a faint nuttiness. Creamy caramel, cherry cake, and maple syrup candy.

Palate: Instant sherry gratification. Pepper-studded toffee wakes up the senses and then reveals aromatic cake spice, slightly soured cherries, nuttiness, and another wave of sweetness. A slight oiliness is there..

Finish: Long, sweet & spicy. The sherry-sweetness lingers before allowing vanilla and a fruit-note to come into the room.

Conclusion: An immense and fantastic 15yr whisky. This latest batch from the distillery is just phenomenal (and the previous batch was bloody good as well) At the price point of around £55-ish, this is a must-buy for anyone who is either a seasoned whisky drinker or someone who’s on the fence about whisky in general. I’ve given so many samples of my own bottles out, as I’m that confident it will be a hit. I need to stop doing this as it’s costing me a fortune!


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