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GlenAllachie 12yr Ruby Port Wood Finish 48%

Another annual Port Wood Finish release from GlenAllachie? Yes please.

It seems like an age waiting for the next Ruby Port release to arrive, but it's finally here.

For me, this annual release has become a firm favourite as it displays lots of facets that are completely agreeable - fruit, delicate sweetness, perfect balance, and the fact it's just so damn drinkable. Oh, and it doesn't break the bank.

Appearance: Deep ruby / Rosé wine hue. Speedy oily legs.

Nose: Again, that familiar signature tone of fragrant fruitiness that you find with a lot of GlenAllachie whiskies since Billy Walker has taken over and applied his wood management skills. There's also the strawberry 'jamminess' like there was in the previous 11yr bottle, supported by notes of drizzled toffee sauce, berries, and a gentle spiciness.

Palate: Sweet with a gentle sour fruitiness. Deep spiced sweet wine - almost a diluted mead-like tone fills the mouth and coat the tongue. A lovely warming note with a sweet-coated nuts and pan au raisin.

Finish: Long with sweetness and gentle tannins. The oakey-dryness compliments the sweetness perfectly. Again, it's very mouth coating and really is one of those bottles that can happily sit next to you in the evening whilst you enjoy every drop. Gooey pan au raisin stay on the tongue.

Conclusion: I love this. It's just a proper old school drinking whisky. No mucking about with posh packaging or long drawn out marketing spiel. It just delivers perfectly. Like the 11yr, it's insanely quaffable. Bravo Mr Billy Walker, you have delivered another beautiful drinker at an affordable price.

RRP around £62 (at the time of writing)

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