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GlenAllachie 2006 14yr Cask #6620

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

60.2% PX Puncheon - Specially bottled for 'The W Club'

'The W Club' is a members-only area that The Whisky shop created. Members of this club get exclusive access to discounts, events, special members-only whiskies, priority notice on rare and limited releases, and more. Obviously, there's a subscription charge for this (£30), but if you're a regular buyer and/or after something special or difficult to find, this club might be the answer. And if you are a regular customer or buying multiple bottles, you'll probably get your subscription money back in no time.

This particular bottle is an exclusive W Club release, and can be purchased in-shop or via their website listed further down.

Appearance: Dark amber, thin oily legs.

Nose: The expected kick of alcohol is surprisingly tame on the nose considering it's bottled at 60.2%. There is an aroma of spirit, but sour fruit and acidity are there to support it. Held a little longer in the glass, dark cherry juice, toffee, raisins, and a more balanced sweetness come to the fore. Background notes of chocolate and sweet wine are also present with a slightly acidic tone.

Palate: Spicy sweetness followed by some honey and caramel. There's lots of peppery heat throughout with a shot of strong espresso - verging on Turkish coffee. Burnt sugar and some woody dryness now appear to take more of a lead. A second sip delivers more of an oilier coating in the mouth, but the peppery crackle is still quite prevalent with a dryness in the throat.

Finish: Long and spicy, alternating between sweet & oily and a warming dryness.

Water adds... Increased sour fruit on the nose. On the palate there's less spice but some chopped nuts are now there. But too much water completely kills the flavour. It only needs a drop or two, so you need to get the balance just right.

Conclusion: It's a tough one as it has all of the hallmarks of a cracking cask, but for me, they're ever so slightly out of kilter. It's not my favourite GlenAllachie as it's a tad too peppery and drying for me. However, with all GlenAllchies', it has the signature fruitiness and that Billy Walker touch. And it is a proper drinker. I know a heap of people who will love that.

Available exclusively for £99 (at the time of writing), at

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