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GlenAllachie 2006 14yr Cask #6624

60.1% PX Puncheon - Specially bottled for Loch Fyne Whiskies

Appearance: Black tea, thick oily legs

Nose: Deep fruit with a slight sourness is there from the off that then transitions to more of a stewed fruit note - highlighting raisins & prunes. A gentle spiciness is there, along with softer honied-notes. Waves of toffee then jump out, and with more time in the glass, shortcrust pastry fruit pie drizzled in caramel sauce appear.

Palate: Initially quite spicy, but then it reduces, allowing sweetness to spread all over the tongue. There are bags of thick PX sherry, soft fruit, faint acetone, and a lovely slab of rich, moist Dundee cake. A final far-off zing of candied orange peel sits in the mouth to finish it all off.

Finish: Long and sweet with warming spice. Honey, cinder toffee, and a gentle oiliness linger on the tongue and at the roof of the mouth.

Water adds... More fruity sourness on the nose with a very distant note of mint. Softer, sweeter spice & woodiness on the palate.

Conclusion: Beautifully fruity with spoonfuls of toffee sauce. It reminds me of a pilot of a 12yr PX Finish I tried a few years ago (before it was launched). Another perfect example of a proper drinker, and not a dust-collecting shelf-queen.

Available exclusively at Loch Fyne Whiskies for £109.95 (at the time of writing)


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