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Old Perth - 12yr 46%

A very recent addition to the Old Perth stable, the 12yr is the first age-stated whisky in their core range. The other (NAS) whiskies namely the Old Perth Original and the Old Perth Cask Strength

I really like what this company is doing, as they are clearly challenging people's preconceptions about blended malt whiskies. And most certainly proving a point.

Appearance: Medium amber. Thin, waxen legs.

Nose: Malty husks, sherry, sweetness moving to slight sourness, strawberry ice cream, and a slight dustiness.

Palate: Good body on the mouthfeel. Slightly oily with barley sugar sweetness, warming cracked pepper, and ginger spice. There’s a gentle oaky-dry-bite supported by a raisin richness.

Finish: Medium-long with interchanging sweetness & tartness. A firm and un-dominating sherry influence is there throughout.

Conclusion: It’s pretty solid and it definitely delivers. Again, it’s the sort of bottle that could (and should!), sit next to the Old Perth Original and Cask Strength bottles in the whisky cabinet in the “daily sippers” collection. And now the Autumnal nights and earlier sunsets are closing in, this whisky is perfect for that. The people behind the scenes at Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers who are blending these whiskies for the Old Perth range are really having an impact on where single malts have a fight on their hands with blended malts. Bravo.

Available at most whisky retailers at an RRP of around £45.


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